Monday, March 6th, ALEX McCOY returns! Plus Worcester College Consortium Hai-clue Guess Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: ALEX McCOY is a Cuban actor and theatre teachermccoy turned poet after graduating from Clark University in 2014. Born in Miami, and finishing out school in New England, he has since been living in Boston, performing at The Lizard Lounge and The Cantab Louge in Cambridge. Most recently, he has been free-styling with Hip Hop Improv group Milk Money. A few of Alex‘s poems can be found in upcoming issues of the magazines Wildness and Sixfold, or on the blog Bottlecap Press. He is currently putting together a small chapbook. A great friend of the Gerund from year’s past, let’s get it together and get together for this real McCoy!

BONUS RUCKUS: Worcester College Consortium Hai-Clue Guess Challenge. Think you know Worcester, a city that’s got more places of higher learning than McDonalds? (or Denny’s at least, I’m not doing the research). Well, we’re gonna write 17 syllable Hai-Clues that honor Worcester colleges and Universities. If you can guess what school we’re talking about, you win a point, be the first to three points, well, you win a drink on us! Ain’t life grand?! Rumor has it the prodigal MATTY HUGHES will be back to paint live! SO MANY AWESOME NEW PEOPLE ON THE MIC this past Monday! Much respect to CRISTALEEZ, MARIA and BYLANISH for blessing our space with their enthusiasm and talent! DEADSTICK AND HAMBONE got the tunes. EMILEE’s got the snack! (thanks for filling in last week SANDRA BUSHNELL) YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN got the rest! Join us!

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