Monday Feb 27th, EMMANUEL OPPONG-YEBOAH from Boston! Plus Prompt & Circumstance!

POETRY FEATURE: EMMANUEL OPPONG-YEBOAH is a Ghanaian emmanuelAmerican poet living out the diaspora in Boston (Massachusetts). He is both Black & alive. Emmanuel is the reviews editor for Winter Tangerine and an associate editor for Pizza Pi Press. He currently serves as the Walltalk Teaching Artist for the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. His work has been published in The Hartford Courant, Bird’s Thumb, & Narrative Northeast. Emmanuel deeply believes in Blackness as spectrum – Blackness as something transformative and subversive, even within a space of regulated nonbeing. He enjoys hot carbs, brightly colored chapbooks, and the long sigh at the end of a good book.

BONUS RUCKUS: Let’s try this again, Prompt & Circumstance Challenge. We didn’t have the items last week, so we audibled with the palm pilot challenge to no great shock or disturbance! We’ll do the fun writing challenge where the random object is both your prompt and writing surface! Crazy! CATERED BY EMILEE is snacking us up! We were so blessed to have former house band leaders playing together last week as SHANE HALL came outta retirement for a night! Fun! VOID SANS ANGE painted her heart out, but not enough bids for the auction guarantees that we’ll sell the work next week first thing! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN are the staff withthe mostest! They’re tip top so tip them! Can’t wait till Monday? Make sure you support NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS THIS FRIDAY NIGHT! as he pre-released songy poems from his upcoming album!

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