Monday Feb 12th! TROY CUNIO from Orlando, FL! Plus “Dead-End Dating Game, VDay Style!”

POETRY FEATURE: TROY KODY CUNIO is an Orlando native. He troycuniorepresented that city in the 2016 National Poetry Slam. He has published 2 collections and numerous chapbooks of poetry, as well as various individual poems in online and print journals. Troy has performed at open mics, slams, punk shows, art museums, dance parties, and street corners all over the country.

BONUS RUCKUS: The DEAD END DATING GAME, V-DAY Edition w/ NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS. Wanna go on a date with DG co-host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS. I don’t. (we’re already living in sin.) But you never know, catch him in the right light and he appears downright charming, if not anti-creepy. Here’s the deal, we’ll take date candidates who’ll answer off the wall questions, survey style, then we’ll call on some of the craziest voices in our community to answer your questions for you, so we can keep thing as anonymous as plausible. Winner get’s an all expenses paid date w/ Nick to redbox, or… you can just have a drink on us!

BENJAMIN BLACKBIRD is back and will be handling visual arts this weekend! We’re trying to get the snow outta the way early this weekend, so we can be dug out and you can dig on all the sounds from house band DEADSTICK & HAMBONE, the best in cocktails from YOSH & MIKEY and all the laughs that ensue when we pass the bucket around! SNACKS by CATERING BY EMILEE! (thanks for your service last week FAITH!)

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