Monday Feb 6th! Local favorite NIC JEAN! Plus “Coach up this poem” Performance Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: NIC JEAN TURNER is an artist from the Greaternicjean Boston area with an affinity for vignettes, napping outdoors, and conversations that confront the human condition. She got her master’s in writing at 21, and expects to pay off her student loans by age 87. Nic is the winner of multiple Dirty Gerund Ruckusy Awards for 2016 and most recently won the opportunity to workshop her writing with none other than author Chuck Palahniuk and we’re featuring Nic in the hopes of putting her further over the top in fundraising for that trip to Oregon! check out more stuff at

BONUS RUCKUS: “COACH UP THIS POEM!” Performance Challenge. Super bowl, schmooper-bowl. Whether you care about football or not, whether you are a fan of ye olde towne team or not, whether you write and perform poems or not, we feel that there are some poems out there that could use a little more oomph! Grab your best motivational speaker voice and pump up the volume on some classic verse, like you were a football coach trying to get your team hype at half time! Poetry can also be a game of inches! Are you going to give that all!!!!???? We hope you will for a prize! DEADSTICK & HAMBONE will be on hand and those hands will be one instruments. Did you know they’re putting an album out with NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS and the release of that album is coming SOON!?!!! More open mic, snacks and live visual arts coming to town this Monday! Join us!




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