Monday, Jan 30th! GLADYS HIDALGO from Lynn! Plus “Drunk Text or Poem?” Guess Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: GLADYS HIDALGO is an alumni of Raw Art gladyshidalgoWorks having participated in R2R Film School and Art in Words, she has now joined the staff as a co-leading teaching artist for the Speak Up program. Her poetry is rooted in her Latinx ancestry. She has performed at some amazing events such as World Aids Day Boston, The American Voice 2015, Wheaton College’s iSpeak, Femme Nouveau Women’s Empowerment and The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship and Northeastern University’s MLK Day Event as well as co-hosted LTAB Crossing the Street Open Mic 2015. Gladys is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Creative writing.

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “Drunk Text or Poem?” Guessing Challenge! It’s one or the other people. Sometimes that regrettable message you sent is so wrapped in spontaneous fluid brilliance that the recipient is like “I don’t know who this person is or what they want, but that shit is deep!” We’re guessing you might be able to tell the difference. Get one correct win a point, win three points, win a drink on us. Get them wrong and you can go back to poetry school, or have your cell phone taken away!

ANA SOL PEREZ is back on the canvas arts! OFFICIAL RICE CAKE anaALERT, contact EMILEE before this Sunday evening to volunteer a snack, or else! Deadstick & Hambone are the house band and Niick will be joining them this Friday night for some poems, music and fun! MIKEY, YOSH & DORIAN are counting the days till the Super Bowl, or was it Spring? Find out this Monday! Alex will be back this Monday, does anyone care? He does. Some great features coming up on the horizon, stay tuned for all the madcap fun! Viva la resistance!

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