Monday Jan 16th, LIV McKEE from Albany NY! Plus!

FEATURED POET: LIV McKEE is a queer spoken word artist and slam livmckeepoet, dancer, musician, farmer, and activist born and raised in New Paltz, NY. She has been moving up and down the Hudson River ever since, studying at Skidmore College, and settling recently in Troy, NY. Writing and speaking her poetry for the last 6 years, her poetry touches on topics of healing self and community, dismantling white supremacist heteropatriarchy, the immaculate beauty of landscape, and radical self love. Liv has featured her poetry at open mics all over NY, and in 2012 took 1st place at a Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe slam. She currently competes with Albany’s Nitty Gritty Slam Team in competitions across the US. This year she helped the team take first place in the 2016 NorthBeast Slam in Amherst, MA in September and placed 33rd out of 100 poets at the 2016 Individual World Poetry Slam in Flagstaff, AZ. Apart from (or wildly integrated within) writing and performing poetry, in her free time you may find Liv organizing with local activist groups, swimming, singing with a guitar, mountain climbing, having conversations with the moon, and playing old time fiddle music.

BONUS RUCKUS: First PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE of 2017 – you know the deal, we bring objects, you get one at random. That kooky object serves as both your poem prompt and writing surface! MARK & CHRIUS should be back at full(ish) band splendor! JESSICA LOVINA will be rocking some visual arts this week! RICE CAKE ALERT if somebody doesn’t offer up some good snack noms for week after next (like, tell us at the show) we’re gonna go rice cake on you the following week! There will be no upstairs crazy bashing your head noise upstairs next week, promise! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN will bring you the best in getting served, like serivce.

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