Monday Jan 9th! DC poet FRANCISCO-LUIS WHITE! Plus Ruckus by Malt Schlitzman!

FRANCISCO-LUIS WHITE is an Afro-Latinx poet and storyteller franciscoresiding in Washington, District of Columbia. Francisco has presented at OutWrite, Fire & Ink, Carolina Conference on Queer Youth, and the United States Conference on AIDS.The poet has featured at Busboys and Poets’ Sparkle Open Mic and the You Can’t Kill A Poet Reading Series (Philadelphia). In 2013, they were endorsed by Dr. Jill Stein and the Massachusetts Green Party as a candidate for Boston City Council. In May 2016, White released their debut chapbook Found Them and is currently working on a larger collection of poems. The book Found Them is available on Amazon.

BONUS RUCKUS: The Malt Schlitsiest Bonus Ruckus Game: It’s pretty pretty rare that Nick and I hand over the bonus ruckus to someone else without an exhaustive vetting process, but hey, sometimes a rucketeer of the year award winner comes to us and is like “I got this…” So MALT SCHLITZMAN is bringing a game with words that you can play and win! I guess it qualifies as super somewhat secret (if only because a lot was lost in translation as he explained it to Nick and Nick explained it to me) my basic understanding is, is that the game won’t hurt you. Ruckus help us! SORANA GATEZ returns to paint! DEADSTICK & HAMBONE are getting into the flow of their house band residency. YOSH, MICKEY & DORIAN and all the staff at Ralph’s would like you to know there’ll be abother rock show upstairs this Monday, but it should not change much at all about our show set up, the price of pork bellies, or the weather. Rock out with us! You know we get louder than any upstairs show!

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