Monday Jan 2nd! SARAH ST. GEORGE!!! Plus New Year’s Hai-clue challenge! AARON WHITE PAINTS!

First show of the year!!!

POETRY FEATURE: SARAH ST. GEORGE is a poet turning up the sarahvolume in the quiet corner of Connecticut. Since second grade she has been writing to cope with loss, unravel life’s enigmas, and make exes infamous. Her work has been featured in a number of journals and anthologies including Hybrid, Vext Magazine, and Alabaster and Mercury Volume 3. In addition to writing and performing poetry, she enjoys spending time with her kids, attempting to play the guitar, making jewelry, learning, belting out Tom Waits tunes in the shower, and bringing her sloth puppet to social events. She is currently working as a high school teacher’s assistant and studying to become an English teacher. One of our absolute favorite open mic performers of all time, her irascible wit and rascally rants have riveted us for years! First time visiting us at the feature! Get psyched!

BONUS RUCKUS: NEW YEAR’S RESOLVE THIS! HAI-CLUE GUESS GAME: About the only resolution Nick and I ever keep is to keep showing up every Monday, plugging in the mics and praying for ruckus. There’s probably a ton more things on our list that we SHOULD be doing (kale salads anybody?). Whether it’s getting healthy or learning Yiddish, we’ll write a slew of new new years resolutions in hai-clue form. Your job? Guess what it is we’re trying to accomplish in 2017, grab a point for your efforts. Be the first to collect three points and win a drink on us! (so you can break your very first resolution amongst non-judgmental friends! Expect DEADSTICK & HAMBONE back for more music! PLUS: Expect AARON WHITE to swashbuckle some paints across canvases. Expect EMILEE to be back at the snack time helm! All this and more! YOSH & MIKEY AND DORIAN expect to see ya’lls faces!

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