Monday Dec 26th! Music from SARAH FRENCH! Plus 2016 RUCKUS Awards! Plus, you know, it’s your co-host’s birthday

Obligatory, “if you only attend one show this year… (haha, stress cry)

FEATURED GUEST: SARAH FRENCH (photo by Artrocity sarahfrench( is a New England based folk singer and songwriter. With her band ‘Iza Jane, she presents a soulful mix of folk, blues, and country roots. ‘Iza Jane‘s debut release (Dirty Hands, 2013) received warm praise and critical acclaim: “…a vibrant mix of guitars, banjos and soulful singing…”(Pulse Magazine). French is also the co-founder of Women of Worcester Productions, an organization dedicated to celebrating, inspiring, and encouraging women in Worcester County through music, art, and leadership. Sarah continues to write new music and collaborate with the regions most talented artists and musicians. Her career as an environmentalist supports her close relationship with nature and is a fundamental source of inspiration. For more information on her projects check out: and

BONUS RUCKUS: The 2nd ever annual Dirty Gerund “RUCKUSY” Awards – celebrating the best of what our community has to offer, your stalwart co-hosts will be recognizing the esoteric contributions made my Gerunders this past year… in little plastic “participation style” trophy form! Now if Nick can only stop by the envelope store, I’ll be able to say, “Nick, the envelope please…..” PLUS: New house band mamber jambers MARK LEIGHTON & CHRIS MacNAMARA will continue to bring that music twang to our lives this Monday! ALEX CHARALAMBIDES turns an ungodly age this Friday, but chooses to celebrate at the DG cause it’s the only party worth going to! In lieu of gifts, if you’d like to support his non-profit youth arts organization Mass LEAP, well that would be more than fine (especially for those looking to get some money off the books before tax season starts). No kidding, he’d love to make February payroll. YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN are bringing the post holiday near-cheer!

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