Monday Dec 12! OOMP WILL (Worcester) Album Release! Plus! ANA SOL! Plus Nick’s got a thing!

FEATURED ARTIST: Lakiyra (Oompa) Williams is a slam poet and oomphip-hop artist from Roxbury who is now a resident of Cambridge (don’t tell anybody). She is hood, queer, black, womynist, orphan, auntie, sister, friend, and teacher. She is a member of the 2016 Haley House National Poetry Slam Team (that placed third nationally at NPS last summer!) and Flatline Poetry. Her work grapples with the intersections and implications of her many identities, and the hope is that people can feel her story and find their own. She has been featured at places like Bucknell University, Boston University, Boston College, Mass. College of Art, and Berklee College of Music, as well as a number of different venues in the NorthBeast region. Oomp Will just released her debut album “Nov 3rd” last month and we are psyched to host this Worcester release!

BONUS RUCKUS: Hey, Nick’s got a thing! Erasure Challenge! Your nick indefatigable co-host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS got some pre-holiday props from Worcester Wares Store, purveyors of everything Worcester, who’ve taken a quote from Nick’s piece “Talking Worcester Blues,” commissioned Worcester Visual Artist EAMON GILLEN to create an original painting capturing the spirit of “Triple Decker Decadance” and have created a line of tee shirts and ephemera that you can flash to share your civic pride! In celebration of the release, Local eatery DEADHORSE HILL TAVERN is featuring Nick’s entire poem on the backs of their menu this month! In honor of all this honor, we’re going to work out an on the spot erasure challenge, featuring Nick’s incredible accomplishment! Woot!

Not enough? Fine! Live painting by ANA SOL! Original snacks by EMILEE MORREALE! Live music from the boys in the band! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN got all your holiday cheer right here! Bring them drink and auction dollars with you this this monday! Dirty Gerund got your triple decker ruckus right here!

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