Monday Nov 7th! ERICH HAYGUN returns! Plus PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE! Plus ANA SOL arts!

POETRY FEATURE: ERICH HAYGUN breaks the 5 time feature-clubhaygun this Monday with his rapid fire, impassioned delivery and expertly crafted words! Erich was a member of the 2015 House Slam Boston, National Poetry Slam winning team! He’s repped his home town of Boston, Vancouver BC and Providence on the national scene and currently curates the incredible CHEAP SEATS series in Cambridge, serves as Executive Director of Somerville Non-Profit BOOKS OF HOPE, and wrecks shop at JP’s WHITEHAUS FAMILY RECORD DIY Community! Uncompromising, loud and electric, this cat is always a house favorite at the DG!

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the ever popular “PROMPT & writeCIRCUMSTANCE” writing challenge! Ever get chastised for writing on other people’s stuff? We feel you. Feel you so much in fact, that we’re going to let you write original poems all over our stuff. We’re bringing back this challenge, bringing an array of esoteric items which will serve both as your random poem prompt, as well as your super random writing surface! Best piece gets a drink on us. You also get to keep your poem! Honestly we respect the copyrite laws and really don’t want to put that stuff back in Nick’s car.

ANA SOL is burning up the Worcester Art World, phoenix style and we’re anaso humbled that she’s willing to visit us once again to rock the canvas! People are paying crazeee dollars for her work on display around town, this is your chance to invest in your financial future while getting to brag that you own an original! EMILEE “SNACKTIME QUEEN” MORREALE set the bar high last week with her mummified jalapeno poppers! Let’s peep what she brings to our taste buds this week! ANDREW, ALEX & MATT are ready to rock the tines! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN are ready to rock the best in surly customer service! Last Gerund before the election! Can you say Xanax?

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