Monday! Oct 31st! SPOOKY GERUND w/ RYK McINTYRE & CHRISTIAN DRAKE! Plus Halloween Persona Challenge!

This year halloween fell on a Monday! No we’re not going to take your candy bag! We’re going to invite you to dress up as yourself or someone or dgdoublefeaturesomething else and join us for a holiday party that actually lands on the day it’s celebrating! POETRY FEATURE(S): RYK McINTYRE & CHRISTIAN DRAKE are two of the most highly decorated performance poets in the NorthBeast Region and they’ve promised to bring something extra beasty for a double bill that’s gonna creature double poetry feature you to the max! Combined, they’ve represented 17,000 poetry slam teams, have toured throughout multiple galaxies and been published more often than the Gospel according to Luke. These guys got brainsssss……

BONUS RUCKUS: THE COSTUME PERSONA POEM CHALLENGE – tired of being yourself? We definitely hear that! Now’s your chance to be franksomeone or something else. both figuratively AND literally! Dress up and bring a poem from the point of view of your costume! Special prizes for the poet who best embodies their costume! TODD DEAL splattering some paint on canvas for your auction bidding dollar! (Scream) Queen of Snacks EMILEE MORREALE will be back at it after LOUISE NORMYN stepped into snack us this past Monday! The band will be in play and playing! Me and Nick are struggle busing some costumes as we speak! We’ll also bring all the candy that didn’t get passed out to the neighborhood kids, because we’re jerks like that. Come to the show and chastise us. We can take it! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN will provide the best in burgers, chili, drinks and bouncing arts! Be safe out there, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! don’t wear racist costumes. Like, really. Google that!

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