Monday! Oct 17th! KALEIGH O’KEEFE returns! Plus “Are you LISTENing?” Challenge

POETRY FEATURE: KALEIGH O’KEEFE is a queer poet, visual artist, musician, photographer, designer, educator, and the only performer in Boston to host a series of open mics while wearing footy pajakaleighmas. During a three year tenure as President of The OFFICIAL MassArt Poetry Alliance (2013-2015), Kaleigh organized and hosted open mics, poetry slams, and special events, including Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Academic and Departmental Honors, Kaleigh moved on to become a founding member of Strength of Doves Productions, an agency that represents activist spoken word artists and educators. As a multidimensional artist, Kaleigh consistently merges a love of poetry and visual arts in groundbreaking projects, such as organizing the first poetry showcase in The Bakalar and Paine Art Gallery, and creating art installation open mics at venues on the oceanfront and in the deep woods of Maine. Kaleigh’s work has been published in Oddball Magazine and Radius Lit Mag, and is forthcoming in University of Hell Press. Across mediums, Kaleigh finds meaning in the mundane, and confronts topics of gender and sexual identity, family, coping with loss in the modern world, sexual assault, and feminism, using a unique satirical humor that places life’s intricacies under a microscopic lens. When not behind a mic, you can probably find Kaleigh reading radical feminist comic books, or hanging out with cats.

BONUS RUCKUS: Bringing back the “Are You LISTENing?” well, uhm, listening challenge. We’ll write questions about the first half of the show. You ring in, answer them for points and win a beverage on us! More snacks from CATERED by EMILEE! Visual arts to be had, open mic to be had, house band to be rad! YOSH, MIKEY (especially this week, I’ll explain) and DORIAN, not to be had for the price of a cocktail. (I’ll buy a beer for anyone who get’s that movie reference tomorrow). Yay!

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