Monday Oct 3rd! indie-outlaw-country from JULIE CIRA! Plus! “The Great Debate Take 2” Poem Improv Challenge!

SPECIAL GUEST FEATURE: JULIE CIRA, formerly known as Dead ciraLetter, traverses across Americana, lo-fi indie rock, and alt-country genres. Combining a healthy dose of grit with an appreciation for timeless song and poetry, Julie Cira delivers stormy, textured vocals over driving rhythms.
Formerly a vocalist and drummer in post punk bands, Julie started Julie Cira as a solo project when work brought her from her hometown of Baltimore to western Massachusetts. Suddenly alone in the country, she pursued a long-time dream of writing indie rock inspired alt-country songs (or vice versa) and officially launched Julie Cira in 2015. She is currently working on a collection of harmony-driven songs with keyboardist and vocalist Kathleen Mahoney, whom she met while volunteering for Girls Rock Campaign Boston. In winter 2016, Julie and Kathleen were joined by Nadia Elle Levin and Ruune. Femme fatale and punk at heart, Julie Cira turns struggle and heartbreak into siren songs for those who seek a better world. They released their first EP in July 2016! dig these tracks!
BONUS RUCKUS: “THE GREAT DEBATE TAKE 2” Poem Improv debateChallenge! Ok, check it. We weren’t entirely happy with last Monday’s debate. (and not just because it ran during our show, leaving our crowd a bit more depleted than normal). We just feel like these candidates can do better to call on the great voices of our poetic past and present to explain their dreams and set their vision! So here’s how it’s gonna go. We’re gonna take classic lines from poems, jumble them together, hand several lines to our contestants, then we’re going to stage our own debate, taking questions from the usual channels, pose them to you, and you get to answer by quoting one of these classic lines. Bonus points for major candidate impersonations (past and present). Win the debate, win a celebratory drink on us to wash the victory down!
AMBER TORTERLLI is handling the visual arts! We felt bad about that dgrice cake alert real life realization, but shit’s real, you know? EMILEE should be back at the special snacks! Red Sox are in the playoffs again and Alex couldn’t be more excited. Speaking of playoffs, we need 4-8 stalwart poets who wish to take part in a run off playoff, winner take all Iron Poet Championships! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN are dying from the suspense, actually, like all of us, they’re dying because of time, and fun life choices! Maybe the last outdoor show of the year, ya hear?

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