Monday Sept 26th! Alt-Noise-Rap band MOODIE BLACK from Minneapolis! Plus! Magic the Gathering Prompt Challenge! RICE CAKE ALERT!

MUSIC FEATURE: MOODIE BLACK on a national tour in support of moodieblacktheir latest self titled EP, marks the band’s debut release on Fake Four. A band birthed in the deserts of Arizona, forged by a friendship since childhood, Moodie Black (formerly GAHEDiNDIE) have been blazing a trail in the the unfamiliar and exciting world of noise rap for the last several years. Moodie Black’s EP arrives two years after the most recent full-length album, Sana Sana, earned them public attention as pioneers and innovators of hip-hop. On the five-track album, Moodie Black have resurfaced with the most polished and mature genre-melting material to-date. Preserving the beautiful and devastating noise for which the duo is best known, they have placed an emphasis on mood and melody that speaks volumes of the ever-evolving and innovative nature of the band. The band’smoodie2 front, K. (C.Martinez), takes a commanding approach to emceeing and production in this newest release. A very capable lyricist and live performer, K. puts his penchant for original lyrics and monstrous production in the spotlight, stepping out as one of the most unique vocalists and producers in the scene today. The beats are pulsating, expansive, dark, tribal, yet contemporary and industrial. Synths and pulsating drums meet distortion and Robert Smith-esque hooks. Moodie Black make no apologies for their unorthodox approach to every aspect of the sound and live performance.

BONUS RUCKUS: MAGIK THE GATHERING Writing Prompt magicChallenge: NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS gets these ideas and sometimes he calls it on stage, and sometimes we just go with it and trust that the inspiration will take us to a place we don’t mind going. This Monday, Nick will offer participants Magic the Gathering Cards that are blank on the back. You’re job? Write a poem using the image as a prompt. That simple. Best new poem wins something. Maybe Nick will think of a prize by then. (end passive aggressive passage). Fun!

RICE CAKE ALERT! EMILEE MORREALE has spent entirely too muchricecake time offering us the best in snacks all summer! Your turn, community! Please respond to the facebook invite or write Emilee directly by Sunday afternoon to volunteer some noms or else!!! Ya’ll get the dreaded saltless, generic, paper tasting rice cakes from Price Chopper. And don’t say we would never, cause we have! Looking for a few good poets to join the iron poet fracas, tournament style, we’d like to get 4-8 signed up soon so we can bracket and find our next champion! stART on the Street this Sunday! Gerund Monday (hoping for an out door bon voyage to summer) let’s get crispy! YOSH MIKEY & DORIAN got pumpkin carving on the brain!

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