Monday, Sept 19th! 2015 7 Hills Slammer COLIN KILLICK! Plus! Rush’s 90’s Music Hai-clue Challenge!

These past 7 years have been amazing everyone! Thanks to everyone who made out anniversary shine shINe SHINE! We venture fourth into our 8th year!

POETRY FEATURE: COLIN KILLICK is a poet and community colinorganizer based in Somerville, MA. His work has been published in Freezeray and Oddball Magazine, and he’s featured at venues including If You Can Feel It,You Can Speak It, Stone Soup, and The Lizard Lounge. He was a member of the 2015 Worcester 7 Hills team at the National Poetry Slam. When not performing poetry, he advocates for the civil rights of people with disabilities, and obsesses needlessly over the wording and tone of his bio.(photo by Marshall Goff)

BONUS RUCKUS: That 90’s Hai-clue Guessing Game Show bbdChallenge! Good friend and DG founder RUSHELLE FRAZIER knows the 90’s and still rocks out to the music. She’s agreed to compile, create and deliver 15 original hai-clue’s to 3 stalwart competitors this Monday night. Your job, is to name that band or solo performer. Guess correct, get a point. Guess wrong, lose a point. First to three points wins a drink on us and maybe my NKOTB fan mail newsletter from 1990. If, IF you’re lucky.

Ralph’s Rock Diner Worcester, MA April 23, 2012

Going to stART on the Street this Sunday? You oughtta! Hope to see you there! We’ll see what’s in store for snacks and visual arts this week! Along with YOSH, MIKEY and DORIAN, we all hope to see you and be outside this Monday! It was incredible to see JEFF CANNON this Monday, our valued community friend and mentor is experiencing some health challenges. We have a LIST of very doable, low impact ways that we might all be able to pitch in and help while he’s recovering. Private message me at and I will share. THANKS!

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