Monday Sept 12th! DIRTY GERUND 7th ANNIVERSARY w/ Chicago’s DR. EVE EWING! Plus! Ms. DG PAGEANT

That’s right! SEVEN YEARS in the faking, merry making, cookie baking, question taking, records (LP) breaking, ground shaking, conservatives quaking, and my goodness saking! Since September 2009, NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS and I have been ringing every bell we can find to get people to give us weekly art attacks! Ya’ll have made our Monday dreams come true. We promise SEVEN MORE (weeks? yeah, at least)! Let’s go!

POETRY FEATURE: the return of DR. EVE EWING. Eve is a sociologist of eveeducation whose research is focused on racism, social inequality, and urban policy, and the impact of these forces on American public schools and the lives of young people. also an essayist and poet. Her first collection of poetry, essays, and visual art (photo credit RJ Eldridge), Electric Arches, is forthcoming from Haymarket Books in fall 2017. Her work has been published in many venues, including Poetry Magazine, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Nation, The New Republic, Union Station, and the anthology The Breakbeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-Hop. She has been a Pushcart Prize nominee, a finalist for the Pamet River Prize, and a scholarship recipient for the New Harmony Writers Workshop. She currently an editor and staff writer for the website Seven Scribes. She also co-directs Crescendo Literary, a partnership that develops community-engaged arts events and educational resources. Eve is one-half of the writing collective Echo Hotel, alongside Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib. She loves her family and friends, music, art, cartoons, traveling, reading, and food (especially fried chicken and carne asada tacos).

queenBONUS RUCKUS: The annual M(s). DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT: We realize we’re a bunch of dopey dudes, hosting this show. We think beauty pageant’s are incredibly sexist, asinine and reflective of a patriarchal society that we wish to smash! The Ms. Dirty Gerund Pageant means to shine a light on the incredible women in our community. Whether ball gown, or martial arts gi, scuba gear or hero cape, we host this pageant, offering DIY punk tiaras and sashes and cash, to the contestant who best brings it to our stage! Categories include TALENT (rock a poem, bring your craft and tell a story, juggle, flip drunk dudes over your shoulder). PANDER DG HAIKU (like most men, Nick & I are quite insecure, your haiku honoring the show let’s us know we’re maybe doing okay as humans). INTERVIEW (Nick has so many questions, be quick witted and win! Let’s put on a true pageant! Let’s change the narrative people! Dress to impress…. but only if it brings you joy.

ANA SOL PEREZ for the original visual art win! EMILEE for the alwaysana snack win! (hope Poppy finds you soon friend!) Thoughts are with JEFF CANNON during a difficult health time. We’ll be in touch soon with ways the community can help pitch in. We told YOSH its been 7 years and he shed a tear (not sure why… joy? yeah, must be joy…) MIKEY & DORIAN came on board later (because the large crowds at the Gerund CREATE JOBS! take that trumpf!) House band…. activate!

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