Monday Sept 5th, SCOTT WOODS from Columbus, Ohio! Plus! “LABOR DAZED Hai-clue” Challenge

We’ve had a couple weeks of incredible shows! Let’s see how long we can stay outside!

POETRY FEATURE: SCOTT WOODS is the author of Urban scottContemporary History Month and We Over Here Now (2016 and 2013 respectively, Brick Cave Books) and has published and edited work in a variety of publications. He has been featured multiple times in national press, including appearances on National Public Radio, and was recognized in 2015 as a curator’s choice winner at Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival. He was the President of Poetry Slam Inc. and currently emcees the Writers’ Block Poetry Night, an open mic series in Columbus, Ohio. In April of 2006 he became the first poet to ever complete a 24-hour solo poetry reading, a feat he bested with seven more annual readings without repeating a single poem. This is the second of two nights of features in Worcester, check him out the night before at 7 Hills Slam (new location, Loch 50), and if you’re worried about hearing the same poems two nights in a row, I’d say, don’t fret too much, this poet’s got DEEP pockets!

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the LABOR DAZED Hai-clue guess challenge! We’ve jobbed some of the jobbiest jobs that ever jobbed, you jobknow? We work, whether it’s behind the bar, behind the mic, behind the blinking screen, or behind the times, Dirty Gerund get’s it done! To celebrate Labor Day, we feel particularly qualified to jobs in pithy 17 syllable increments for your hearing pleasure. Contestants (3) will buzz in and tell us what kind of job we’re jobbing about! First to get three correct, wins a drink on us! SPECIAL BIRTHDAY SHOUT TO MILA & JASPER this week! Let’s see who’s arting us this week! Snack donations anyone? Get at Emilee! House band activate! YOSH & MIKEY & DORIAN will be working their positions this Monday. How about you? Do your job!

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