Monday August 29th! FLATLINE POETRY storms the DG! Prompt & Circumstance Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: Founded on the belief that poetry is stronger in flatlinecommunity, FLATLINE POETRY is a group of six spoken word artists (Lewis M., Lissa Piercy, Guillermo Caballero, Kaleigh O’Keefe, and Oompa, and Febo) who write, perform, and teach workshops throughout the United States. Since their formation in 2013, Flatline has performed everywhere from traditional poetry slam venues to the United Nations to protest sidewalks.  The group won the 2013 Poetry Award for Best Poetry Group, was featured at Wheelock College’s 2014 Half Year Program, and were speakers at TEDxVail 2015. In addition, the poets of Flatline Poetry have performed, hosted open mics, or provided workshops at various venues and conferences internationally, including: The Apollo Theater (NY), The Villar Performingflatline2 Arts Center (CO), the United Nations Headquarters (NY), the Opportunity Collaboration (Ixtapa, Mexico), the Skoll World Forum (Oxford, England), and on TEDx stages. The poets of Flatline Poetry write on topics of identity, family, love, loss, and social justice. Combining their skills and experience in community organizing, social work, political science, visual art, spoken word poetry, entrepreneurship, music, activism, and education, the members of Flatline present challenging poetry and innovative workshops that foster dialogues where all voices are valued.

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE”sharpie Writing Challenge! Always a popular event. We give you the prompt & the writing surface all in one specially selected, randomly chosen item! Got a shoe? Write about it and write on it! Got a rocking chair? Same deal! Winner gets a drink on us and everyone gets to keep their poem! WOW! $1200 raised for EMILEE MORREALE last week! Thank you thank you thank you! If you weren’t able to make the show, or just want to support more, check out the GOFUNDME page for Em’s Food Truck Biz! YOSH & MIKEY & DORIAN lament the end of summer, but if the weather keeps up, we might stay outside for a good chunk of September! Let’s go! Visual arts, music, open mic and all the rest this Monday!

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