Monday, 8/22! FOOD TRUCK FOR EMILEE FUNDRAISER w/ Special Musical Guests!

This Monday’s Show is gonna be a spectacular! NOTE: EARLY START TIME of 8:30pm!

FEATURE: EMILEE MORREALE has been artistically snacking us for emyears now! She’s a caterer by trade, but is looking to work for her own boss-self! She’s beginning a campaign to buy and operate her own FOOD TRUCK and to show just a hint of our gratitude, we’ve helped put together a monster fundraising party to help get her started! ALL PROCEEDS will go to CATERED BY EMILEE! To help bring the ultimate party to this fundraising party, we’ve called on past Dirty Gerund musical luminaries to lend their talents to the cause. We’ll be featuring musical sets by RUUNE (aka Greg McKillop of SFTD & DG Musical Director fame), CHA CHA CONNOR, (of Bolero & Mack the Knife fame), SHANE HALL (outlaw country, emcee & first ever DG Musical Band Leader) and LOVINA (siren songster, poet and amazing graphic artist responsible for past DG promo posters!)


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