Monday August 15th! Worcester Youth Slam Alum ANNA MEEHAN! Plus! Olympic-ture this! Guess Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: ANNA MEEHAN is a poet based out of Western anaMass who loves words and cheese in equal measure. She spent three years on the Worcester Youth Poetry Slam Team, competing in Brave New Voices 2010-2011 and Louder Than a Bomb: Massachusetts 2012 where the team took first place. To celebrate this fantastic achievement with a group of dearly beloved people, Anna then promptly disappeared into the Pioneer Valley where no one heard from her for the next few years. Oops. In November 2015, she put out her first chapbook, “What I Have Fled, Where I Have Worshipped,” and her latest project is Zodiac Haiku, which can be read on

BONUS RUCKUS: Olympic themed Hai-klue Guess Challenge! We’re soooo topical at the Gerund (some say un-original, we say topical olympicdang it!) If we can’t have gold plated pens, hearts of gold, or gold flakes in our cinnamon liquers, we might as well celebrate Olympic gold and the sacrifice it takes to be the best. We don’t sacrifice all that much on the mic, so we thought we’d celebrate through a haiklue challenge. Check it, we’ll write original haiklues, you buzz in and guess which event we’re talking about. First to get three correct, wins the golden frothy prize that’ll make you sing the anthem on a podium!

Another snack coming from Catered by Emilee as we blaze ahannaead to our big fund raiser party on the 22nd in support of her food truck biz! We’ll have some visual arts, open mic, band and the best in food and drinks from YOSH & MIKEY! Great times on the patio ahead, promise! Our feature gave us a baby photo to include in press promo. We didn’t have space up top near the bio, but you know, we try to accommodate the best we can whenever we can! Yay! they grow up sooo fast! Awwwwwwwwww…

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