Monday August 8th! FORREST PROPER from Noho Slam! Plus! “Handle your biz (card)” Writing Challenge!

Let’s get your best “anti-rain” thoughts going this Monday. Two weeks in a row of raw weather forcing us indoors, got us feeling stir crazy!

POETRY FEATURE: FORREST PROPER writes poems in his Poetry forrestCave somewhere in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, and inflicts them weekly on the audience at Northampton Poetry, where he is the co-director & co-host. Forrest once tried slamming, concluding that career successfully at a local summer slam by coming in 9th in a field of 8. His work has been called “imaginative”, “kind of funny”, and “deeply troubling”. His favorite sayings are, “There might be a poem there”, and “never let the truth get in the way of a good story”, and he will often repeat these phrases at random on the street, in the grocery store, or when ordering from the drive-thru window at McDonalds. He self-published a poetry collection called ‘Hot Poet Sex on the Floor of T.S. Eliot’s Kitchen’ in July, 2015, and will probably recite the title poem to you if you stand still for longer than 15 seconds. Forrest is deeply grateful for the opportunity to read poems to a live audience, the existence of Kim Novak movies, and liverwurst.

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS (card) Writing Challenge! We like this game. Sign up, get a random business card to start the show. The business card is not only your writing prompt, but the blank back side is also the only area you have to write the original poem on. Best in the biz get’s a drink on us!

AUGUST 22nd, we’re helping to launch CATERED BY EMILEE food truck enterprise into orbit with a fund raising party, in anticipation of this special night, EMILEE‘s is saving you all from rice cake alerts for the next couple weeks! We’ll have the band, live arts, open mic and all the rest this Monday! Hope to see you on the patio!

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