Monday, August 1st! DEXTER GARCIA from Lynn! Plus! Return of the “Tweet or Poem?” Guess Challenge

POETRY FEATURE: DEXTER GARCIA is a spoken word artist deeply involved in her home community of Lynn as a former member of and a dexterCo-coach for the RAW elements Slam team. She is the author of “For Blackmail: A Compilation of LOVE Poems”. She has performed at some amazing events such as 2014 World Aids Day Boston and The American Voice 2015. She prides herself on being a poet who speaks of passion and real life experiences and hopes to bring about the same in others. Although a bit cynical Dexter considers herself a love poet. Her main goal is to give a little bit of her love to each audience member and hope they cultivate and grow it so they can spread it themselves. She believes cupid has no wings, just a few good poems.

 BONUS RUCKUS: “Tweet or Poem” Guess Challenge! Can you guess which line is from a poem and which is from a celebrity tweet? We’ll see!

Band is ready to go! TODD DEAL back on paints! Too hot to type much else! See you Monday on the patio!

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