Monday 7/25! “Get Well Soon” Tour Kickoff w/ VEDA LEONE & BRENDA SNYDER

POETRY FEATURES: VEDA LEONE and BRENDA SNYDER are two kindred vedapoets who found their way to each other and the greater poetry community through the back room of “the Deuce” in Northampton, Massachusetts. These two writers, trauma survivors, spoken word poets, and organizers mirror each other’s work across state lines. Veda is the co-founder and host of Collinsville’s Spoken Word on the Square at Downright Music in Collinsville, CT and Brenda is the founder and slam master of Witch City Poetry Slam in Salem, brendaMA. The two of them found inspiration, community, and each other as regular contributors on the mic at Northampton Poetry in Northampton, MA. Brenda’s work has been published on and you can find her ramblings, poems, and inspiration at; and, Veda’s first chapbook, Cellar Door, was released this January and can be found through her website

BONUS RUCKUS: DOG DAYZ OF SUMMER HAIKU CHALLENGE – 90 degrees? 90 da-pleeeez…. It’s hot. Do we need a reminder of that in haiku form? Maybe not, but we feel the need to give you the opportunity to vent. Bring 2 haikus or write 2 on the spot. One about how the heat is terrible, the other about how you deal with it. Whoever brings the best, wins a coool drink on us!

Snacks, visuals arts, all that happening this monday! I’ve got a summer cold, so this blog post if getting cut short and it short on pith and wit. So hopefully we’ll see you Monday!

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