Monday! July 18th! Asheville’s BRIEF AWAKENING return! PLUS! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Short post this week (still away in DC, by the way, support our Mass LEAP youth team!

I’ll be back next week ready to rock! returning to the DG (remember when we dances our asses off last year?)

FEATURED ARTISTS: BRIEF AWAKENING is a small tribe of fairy briefawakeningcreatures who can only effectively communicate through art, song, and dance. Mandolin, ethereal vocals, synth, piano, avant garde heart drums and harmonious overtones- swirl, bubble,and trail wherever brief Awakening wanders. The Siren that is RYN ARRANTS magically dances with strange synth noises spatially mixed with rhythmic piano. The tiny beast that is KAY FOX PETRUCCI stomps on the kick drum at the same time as flying around on their red dragon mandolin. Together their whipping tendrils of rhythm and harmonic melody build a character of sound that is colorful and masked in emotion and spirituality. They just released their sophomore EP “Excelsior” with Pillow Fort Recording in Asheville, NC. The creatures are tour this Summer 2015. Brief Awakening has been featured live on UnRegular Radio (Boston, MA) , City Wide Blackout (Boston, MA) ,Three Strange Women (Boston, MA), and Daddy O Radio (Spartanburg, SC). check em out at

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