Monday! July 11th! JR MAHUNG from Chicago! Plus Summer Blockbuster Haik-lue Guess Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: JR MAHUNG is a Belizean-American poet from JRthe South Side of Chicago. He is currently based in Boston where he helps organize the Louder than a Bomb MA youth poetry slam, co-coaches Northeastern University’s poetry slam team, and helps in hosting a weekly open mic at the Cantab Lounge. He has published his first chapbook ‘Like Waters’ on Pizza Pi Press. JR has visited the Gerund a couple times and lit our stage with awesome words, so we’re incredibly excited to get full featured sets and get that book!

BONUS RUCKUS: Nick’s Summer Move Blockbuster HAIK-LUE guess challenge! When Nick’s not sweltering at work, he combats the heat in his off time by jumping into pools, ponds and rivers, but also tried to find a few hours of comfort in the movie theater, getting whisked away by fantastic hollywood stories where things blow up, masses are saved and the hero finds their soul mate connection as they roll to credits. Nick will 3dpresent several original hai-klues inspired by summer blockbusters, past & present. Three competitors will try to figure out which movie he’s referencing. Guess correct, get a point, first to three wins a refreshing beverage on us!

So sad I will be away next week for what’s sure to be another excellent summer show! If you have a few bucks to spare, the Mass LEAP Brave New Voices Youth Poetry Slam Team that I’m chaperoning, could still use some help in raising money! Please donate today!  We’ll have plenty of music, open mic, snacks and visual arts to go along with all those words. Word has it YOSH SHARTIN will be back from vacation! Welcome home buddy!

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