Monday July 4th! SEVEN HILLS SLAM TEAM! Plus “Pie-klu Eating Challenge”

Join us as we get all ‘Murica this Monday!

SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM TEAM – Worcester’s sending an adult 7hillspoetry slam team to Nationals in Atlanta GA this year. Get down to the DG this Monday as Malt, Ashley, Queen G and Bobby put that new team work out there, or just ask them why they’d want to drive 20 hours to slam poems in Georgia in August! Either way, support, support!

BONUS RUCKUS: 4th of July BBQ desert “pie-klu” eating and spitting challenge! This is gonna get messy. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will bring pies with hiaku’s about pies taped at the bottom? You job, slop up that slurp with your FACE and read the pie-klu in record time. Winner get’s a napkin and a drink on us to wash it all down!

We’ll have music, we’ll have snacks, we’ll have visual arts I’m sure. We’ll have ANTHONY BRIDGFORD of Cinemageddon fame covering the vacationing YOSH SHARTIN. We’ll have open mic, lights camera and ACTION! Sparklers welcome!

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