Monday June 27th! HANIF WILLIS-ABDURRAQIB returns! Plus! “I can smell Summer, writing challenge!”

The past couple weeks on the patio have been amazing! Let’s keep it going!

POETRY FEATURE: HANIF WILLIS-ABDURRAQIB is a poet, hanifessayist, and cultural critic from Columbus, Ohio. His poetry has been published in Muzzle, Vinyl, PEN American, and various other journals. His essays and music criticism has been published in The FADER, Pitchfork, and The New York Times. He has been nominated for the pushcart prize, and his poem “Hestia” won the 2014 Capital University poetry prize. His first full length collection, The Crown Ain’t Worth Much, is forthcoming in 2016 from Button Poetry / Exploding hanif2Pinecone Press. He is a Callaloo Creative Writing Fellow, an interviewer at Union Station Magazine, and a poetry editor at Muzzle  Magazine.  He is a member of the poetry collective Echo Hotel with poet/essayist Eve Ewing. Additionally, he is a columnist at MTV News, where he writes about music, and fights to get Room Raiders back on the air. He thinks poems can change the world, but really wants to talk to you about music, sports, and sneakers.

BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever ‘WOW! I can actually smell smellsummer” Prompted Writing Challenge! This one’s based on smells. We’ll briefly blindfold 5 competitors and offer a whiff of a prompt that you will have the first half of the show to write about! Whoever captures those beautiful summer smells and brings us into the world of your poem wins a prize!

alexASHLEY TUCKER returns to do visual arts! EMILEE back at snacks. The boys in the band have been killing it outside, (must be all that vitamin D)! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN might bust out the tank tops or start wearing life guard gear in case you’re drowning in too much fun!!!! We called it on stage last week that Jasmin Robert’s feature was the best of the year, let’s bring the energy and try to make it the best show of the year every week! Boom!

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