Monday! June 20th, Northampton Grand Slam Champ JASMIN ROBERTS! Plus! IRON POET QUALIFIER!

POETRY FEATURE: JASMIN ROBERTS hails from Brooklyn, NY, and jasminhas lived in the Pioneer Valley for the last 8 years. She is a graduate of Oberlin College, where she majored in Creative Writing and Psychology. She joined the local poetry scene in 2013, and competed in the 2015 National Poetry Slam as a member of the Northampton Poetry team. She is a two time (’15-’16) Northampton Poetry Grand Slam Champion! She not only prides herself on creating new poetry weekly, but also new words. Some of her favorites include “fuckability” and “homotastic.” In the span of three minutes, she will make you laugh your ass off and question your place in the world, and she’ll do it all sporting 4-inch heels. First time featuring in Worcester, so… you know! LIT!

milaBONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER “SCHLITZMAN vs. KEATON” wow buddy! this is gonna be super fun! First Iron Poet Qualifier, since the title has changed hands, so let’s see who the first challenger will be for current champ ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS! We’ve got an interesting match-up here… MALT SCHLITZMAN is a farmer who’ve on a roll! Member of this year’s 7 Hills Slam Poetry Team, he’s in competitive shape, while MILA KEATON is rocking out on some serious open mic momentum, producing new work that’s sending chills up spines! Let’s see who’s got the gumption to produce 3 poetic creations inspired by one diabolical secret ingredient from chairman YOSH SHARTIN!

SHANNON DONNELLY will rock the visual arts this week! CATHE dgARNELL has saved you from rice cake alert purgatory! MATT, ANDREW & ALEX have been reunited for the first time in a month, last week and it felt sooooo good! Dirty Gerund has raised close to 300 bucks the past two weeks for worthwhile causes and we can’t thank you all enough or be prouder! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN appreciate your business and are more than glad to give you the business on Mondays! We’re somewhere near our 400th show! (too busy/lazy to count) but we love you and have for at least 400 mondays!

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