Monday June 13th! CLIFF NOTEZ from Boston! Plus! Prompt & Circumstance!

POETRY FEATURE: CLIFF NOTEZ works as a film maker, poet,cliff photographer, and music producer/engineer and avid avocado eater. working with people and places like Russell Simmons and All Def Digital, The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Boston University, and RAW Art Works. Cliff got his master’s degree in Digital Media from Northeastern in May 2016 and would like to take a nap soon but…structural racism. This is Cliff’s first time at the Gerund, so you know! We can’t wait!

promptBONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE” Writing Challenge. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS loves getting folks writing, loves getting interesting junk, I mean, stuff from the Holden Recycling Center. He’s married these loves together into a game that’s quickly becoming a Gerund Institution. We’ll take 5 competitors and give you a physical object writing prompt at the start of the show, the prompt is also the surface upon which you write (that’s the circumstance eh, eh? you love it haha). Best presentation at show’s halftime, gets a sweet prize on us!

ASHLEY TUCKER returns to rock the visual arts canvases this week! dgMATT, ALEX & ANDREW should be on hand to kick up the jams! RICE CAKE ALERT, that’s two snacks in a row from EMILEE, fail to find a volunteer this monday, get rice cakes the following monday, contact her HERE and get active! Dirty Gerund’s favorite band EYE WITNESS is hosting their new album release party this FRIDAY and promises all sorts of opportunities for rocking. YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN hope that cricket that kept interrupting our show this past Monday, finds another public place to settle down in! Hope to see you outside!


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