Monday June 6th, TAYLOR LILJEGREN features, BNV Fundraiser & “Bad poems I wrote in High School” Challenge!

Very excited about this Monday’s show! We’re celebrating youth voice this week at the Gerund. We’re trying to support Mass LEAP (producers of Louder than a Bomb Youth Poetry Slam) as they work to raise funds to bring 5 amazing youth writers to the annual Brave New Voices Festival this July. Mass LEAP will have t-shirts for sale, and we’re gonna rock an extra bucket pass for the future Gerunders! If you can’t wait till Monday, support their GoFundMe today! We’d invite these poets to perform, but you know… (21 plus venue), so who better to feature on this night than….

FEATURED POET: TAYLOR LILJEGREN is a poet and educator based taylorin the Greater Boston Area.  She is a Worcester Youth Poetry Slam alumni, competing nationally at Brave New Voices (2010 & 20111) and locally at the inaugural Louder than a Bomb (2012 champs) festival in Boston.  She has been published in Best Indie Lit New England, and in 2015 she released her first chapbook “The Sessions: Lucy Ricardo Talks to her Therapist”.  She just finished her degree from Leslie, teaching full time. This is her first visit to the Gerund. We’ve had the pleasure of witnessing her brilliance from the jump and can’t wait for the rest of the community to catch up.

poemsBONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “AWFUL, JUST AWFUL POEMS I WROTE IN HIGH SCHOOL” Challenge, a tongue in cheek look back at the stuff you’re not really that, erm ahem, proud of. Youth poetry dominance is currently changing the national poetic landscape, so just why was our stuff so, uhm, unfortunate? Go to the attic, find those old notebooks and bring the best of your worst from back in the day. Best performance of some not so best poetry wins you an awesome prize!

Hope we’ll be outside Monday! Worcester’s newest renaissance man dgshow-andersonEIREAN BRADLEY will be rocking the paint canvases this week! Damn it feels good to have the band all back together! Wondering is we’ll get a high school lunch cafeteria snack homage from EMILEE? Again, please bring some extra cash to this event, we’d love to show some love to the next generation and make sure that they can get their travel to Washington DC squared away soon! Nick’s offered to drive them, but his car is banged up, plus it’s full of trash, and he can’t get the days off work. YOSH & MIKEY & DORIAN will have everything else you’ll need on Monday night!

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