Monday! May 30th! Warrior Writer ERIC WASILESKI! Plus Hai-klue Guess Challenge!

Finish of your Memorial Day Weekend with us on the Patio!
POETRY FEATURE: ERIC WASILESKI (M.Div) was born during the eric Vietnam war into a military family. He spent 2 years as an infantryman in the Army National Guard, and 6 years in the US Navy as a radar technician and operator for the Aegis weapon system. In the Navy, Wasileski was engaged in combat operations on the USS Stout. He received expeditionary medals for action in the former Yugoslavia, Operation Joint Endeavor and in Iraq, Operation Desert Fox. A disabled veteran and client of the V.A., Eric is an active Quaker, facilitator for Warrior Writers and organizer for Veterans for Peace. He keeps busy with being a dad, poetry, and peace work and will read from his new book Live Free (or Die), Human Error publishing.
BONUS RUCKUS: Brand New “Armed Forces Branch” Hai-klu Guess Challenge: We’re gonna put together a batch of fresh hai-klues clue(clues in haiku form, hello? yeah, it’s a thing, we create new literary forms at the DG!) Your job? Listen up, buzz in and tell us if tell us if we’re alluding to Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines (or Coast Guard, we haven’t decided yet). Get one correct, get a point, get three points, win a drink courtesy of us!
THANKS RON WHITTLE FOR THE NEW LIGHT SET UP OUTSIDE (check pic of Jerry bringing & enjoying that light!) Maybe a BBQ theme for snack time this week? Thanks to FAITH COLE forpoem rocking the snacks this past Monday and saving you all from rice cake alerts (for now). We’re working on bringing you a great visual artist this monday, TBA. We’re promised the return of ALEX on drums (yawn, heard that one) but we know MATT & ANDREW will be on hand to back up those words with music! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN should definitely be on tap to bring you the best in burgers and beers if you haven’t overloaded during your day off! Look how fun the poetry is under the stars!

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