Monday May 23rd, House Slam’s JORDAN PETERSON! PLUS the official “Gimme My Gonzo’s” HOT SAUCE SONNET CHALLENGE!

Looking like we might be back outside on the patio (if weather reports are accurate)!

POETRY FEATURE: JORDAN PETERSON is a Detroit/JacksonvilleJordanPeterson/Austin raised child mental health professional, teaching artist and performance poet based in Boston, Massachusetts. Jordan is an organizer and resident bout manager for the 2015 NPS Championship venue, The House Slam at the Haley House in Boston, and was a member of the 2016 organizing team and co-Tournament Director of the Louder Than a Bomb Massachusetts youth poetry slam festival. In college, Jordan was a founding member of the Simmons College poetry slam team and organization and competing member of the Simmons CUPSI team, has been published in several literary journals, including Plain China: Best Undergraduate Writing of 2012. Most importantly, Jordan is left handed and was named after Michael Jordan.

gonzoBONUS RUCKUS: (this time for real!) The OFFICIAL GIMME MY GONZO HOLY HOT SAUCE SONNET CHALLENGE: After our feature get’s really smart on stage, we’re gonna balance it out by getting a little stupid! J STUART ETSY the Gonzo one himself is unleashing a brand new, limited edition, hot sauce called “Long Pig Hot Sauce” with the following ingredients, Pineapple, Habenero Peppers, Lime Juice, Water, Green Onions, Ginger Root, Coconut, White Vinegar, Sugar, Salt and Spices. He’ll have a limited number of jars available this Monday and is even encouraging pre-orders. You can get a free taste however, but playing our annual game, where you shoot a shot of this and without taking a break, or a drink, or popsicle, you’ll need to read a Shakespearean Sonnet and somehow keep it together. Winner gets cash prize and whatever’s left of the hot sauce jar! Wooooot! You’ll be spitting hot fire on our mic for sure!

Snack time queen EMILEE MORREALE has won this challenge two times corraoin a row, we can tell how confident she is, by what snack she brings to our stage this week (perhaps pineapple themed?) You’re all approaching a rice cake alert though. Someone better volunteer soon or else (we stand by our threats). Band leader MATT CORRAO is saving chipmunks, then harboring them in his shirt pocket. Let’s see if our fuzzy friend makes an appearance this week (maybe he can play drums!). Want a shot at being the last member of the 7 Hills Slam Team, check out the win & you’re on the team event happening May 22nd at Sahara! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN promise not to serve the chipmunk. (like, chipmunks have NO money!)

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