POETRY FEATURE: Originally hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, cassandra CASSANDRA EUPHRAT WESTON is a performance poet and cheesecake enthusiast, currently living in Boston. She is half of the spoken word duo About That Elephant and has competed in, coached, and organized youth, college, and adult slams from living rooms to national stages. She is slowly adapting to Twitter. This will be Cassandra’s first time featuring in Worcester, check out some work here at or if you just can’t wait….

BONUS RUCKUS: Let’s once again manifest the “HOLY HOT SAUCE hotSONNET CHALLENGE” we hope beyond hope the the Good Dr. Gonzo has something new and diabolical for us to share this Monday night. If not (like all good doctor’s he may have a culinary emergency to tend to) we will search the isles of irresponsible gift shops for the spiciest sauce this side of bad judgment, then we will load up shot glasses and challenge you (even the non-practising poets) to down the fire and then spit some hot fire, Shakespeare style. We’ll bring the sonnets, you must down a shot and without aid of water, cracker or creamsicle, get through a fulle sonnet presentation (that’s 14 lines, I think?) as best you can! Best sonneteer get’s a hot prize (i.e. it’s probably money).

Let’s hope for kinder, gentler snack time to balance out this hot sauce ruckusinsanity! We were fortunate enough to enjoy two top shelf snacks this past Monday, mis-communication never tasted so damn good! Tomorrow night! Friday the 13th, you gotta be at the Vernon to support NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS and GENUINE RUCKUS (the band boys) as they take the Hotel Vernon by storm along with DG Friends LOVINA & the DUENDE PROJECT. Nick and the boys apparently, like, practised and everything. “Practice? Practice? I’m talking about the SHOW and you’re talking about pratice?!” I’ll be outta town, unfortunately (or fortunately for some) so you know, heckle Nicholas in my stead. Please & Thank you!

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