Monday April 25th! ROSE M. SMITH from Columbus Ohio! Plus! “DRUNK TEXT or POEM?” Guess Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: ROSE M. SMITH was an associate editor with Puddingrosesmith House Publications for several years before the publication house went offline (the owner succumbed to extended illness, and successor failed to maintain publication activities).  She continues to lead Columbus Salon monthly poetry workshop and is an organizing member of The Poetry Forum, central Ohio’s longest running poetry open mic event.  Rose has represented Columbus on at least four National Poetry Slam teams, as well as individually at Women of the World Poetry Slam. Ask others about Rose, and they will tell you she is “a giant of a poet,” “a shy, quiet atomic bomb,” or “a legend in Columbus poetry” whose poems have “long legs that straddle both the print and performance worlds, enriching the norms of both.”  Ask Rose about Rose, and she’ll tell you she loves poetry, popcorn, and watching deer from her bedroom window. Rose’s work has appeared in Naugatuck River Review, The Examined Life Journal, Mom Egg Review, The Pedestal Magazine, Pavement Saw, Boston Literary Magazine, Pudding Magazine and other journals and anthologies, including Poems from the Big Muddy, the 2004 National Poetry Slam Anthology. She is author of Shooting the Strays (Pavement Saw Press, 2003) and A Woman You Know (Pudding House Publications, 2005), co-editor of Cap City Poets: Columbus and Central Ohio’s Best Known, Read, and Requested Poets (Pudding House Publications, 2008).  She is a Cave Canem Fellow.


drunkBONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “Drunk Text or Poem?” Guess Challenge! We haven’t rocked this one in a while. We’ll take three contestants to guess if a line being read is from a classic piece of literature, or something Nicholas sent me last weekend at 3am! (we were in the same room, mind you). Guess correct? Get a point. Be the first to get three points, get a frothy, ice cold prize on us! You know something to help your text messages stay on/off point all night! Hiccup!

EMILEE MORREALE‘s snacks are always on point. Warning! If nobody worcvolunteers a snack this Monday or signs on to bring the following week, it’s rice cakes! MATT & ANDREW & ALEX love playing music outside! RON WHITTLE promises new lighting system if we’re outside again! Speaking of which, how cool is outside?! How cool is our City! This just in, Dirty Gerund will be putting on a “Slightly Less Dirty Gerund” off-site presentation from from 3:30-5:30pm as part of the new Worcester’s newest independently run, cooperative maker’s space the WorcShop! We’re gonna do a two hour ALL AGES (family friendly) open mic presentation as part of the Grand Opening Party on April 30th! Come on down check out the studios, rock out to bands including Eye Witness, Shane Hall & The Alchemystics and drop a poem on our mic! There’ll be a beer garden there and a moat with catfish swimming around and bunnies! YOSH & MIKEY & DORIAN says we had them at moat!


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