Monday April 11th! Rucketeer of the year MALT SCHLITZMAN features! Plus, new bonus ruckus!

THANKS TO ALL who braved the snow last week and made our guests from Chicago feel welcome! Great night!

POETRY FEATURE: MALT SCHLITZMAN is a rogue meteorite from a hazy sam interplanetary system called WTF-13,  since crashing into Worcester a few years ago, he has perplexed the comfortable, initiated & facilitated dozens of head scratches, influenced the power hungry, bested countless squirrels at chess, intrigued local luminaries with his raw demands of government, de-classified hundreds of intergalactic documents, re-wrote a more user friendly version of Hamurabi’s Code, dug up and then buried Worcester’s canal, saved the dewey decimal system, inflated numerous egos with his poetry warbles and single handedly rowed the Quinsigamond College Rowing Team to victory at Head of the Charles (interestingly enough, Quinsig was quite surprised to find out they did not have a rowing team). While taking breaks from all these depth perception defying shenanigans, he’s also managed to make it to the finals for this year’s Seven Hills Slam Finals and won the first ever DG’s “Rucketeer of the Year” award for his outstanding achievements in playing our dumb gerund games. We’ve finally gotten clearance to launch him back into the stratosphere with a featured set! We promise this is gonna get weird.

BONUS RUCKUS: Nick’s audible “TASTE THE PROMPT” Jelly Bean jellyWriting Challenge. Sometime Nick gets inspired and makes an executive decision on what the following week’s bonus ruckus is gonna be. For some reason no-one remembers, Nick has decided that there aren’t enough prompts based on taste, so instead of heading to the kitchen to whip up unique and inspiring flavors, he’s just going to grab a mixed bag of Jelly Bellies, drop one in your mouth and let you go from there. Best to encapsulate their discovered flavor in words, get’s a drink on us to wash it down! Down, I say!

Hoping the weather doesn’t mess with our ruckus staff attendance this week! Big ups to guitar man MATT CORRAO for keeping his perfect attendance streak intact. Visual arts, snacks and smirks from YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN are expected to be had along with our sweet open mic and unique feature! Fun & new craft beers on tap! If you can’t get down with this show, we seriously question your ability to get down!

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