Monday! March 21st! NICK DAVIS B-DAY Bash w/ Special Musical Guests EYE WITNESS! PLUS! “Davis Poem” or “Real Poem” Challenge!

It goes down exactly once a year & like a prize fighter getting an electricnick shock whiff of smelling salts after having their bell rung, we all gasp in collective amazement that your DG co-curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is entering another year, gainfully employed, in possession of a working smart phone, producing ART and frankly, standing upright.

NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS’ BIRTHDAY BASH is an annual celebration of all things highly improbable. From Sasquatch being named Drumfp’s running mate to sustainable farming on Mars, Nick’s very existence continues to enthral mulgoatstiple generations of Gerunders with it’s shear “wha????…” So to celebrate, Nicholas has promised a NEW CHAPBOOK and 15 minute set of poems, (upon threat of being tattooed live with one of his own lines on stage). He set the bar there (or maybe that’s where he was when he said it). Since issuing that challenge to himself 12 days ago (and unfortunately in ear shot of someone who’s gonna hold him to it), he’s written (checking my records) zero, yup, nothing. Does he have enough scrawled thoughts on tissue paper strewn around his bedroom floor to make it by deadline? Come down Monday & find out! We roasted this turkey pretty bad last year, but you’re welcome to share anti-hero anecdotes along with your poems this Monday! Oh yeah, Nick has an actual poet’s bio somewhere, but he doesn’t remember anyone else’s ever, so fug it! Goats.

eyewitnessSPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST: EYE WITNESS is half RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY & half MILO! Both parts awesome! One of Nick’s favorite acts is gonna favor us with a set this Monday, so we can be assured that our guest talent portion for the evening is on lock! We really do care that much about you! EYE WITNESS is preparing to release a new album soon, so stay tuned. You know they do! (Really musicians, tune your guitars before playing, that’s just common sense good practice).

BONUS RUCKUS: NICK’s Poem OR…. Real Poem? Guess Challenge nick2Nick suggested we do something with (how did he phrase it?) “wicked tart plums…” Instead, I thought we’d check in and see who’s been paying attention to Nick’s frenetic warblings to kick off second halves of the shows all these years. I will read lines of poems, some of them are Nick’s, some of them are from honest to goodness published poets. Can you tell the difference? Obviously, Nick doesn’t think you can, but I’m willing to give ya’ll the benefit of the doubt. We’ll take 3 guessers. Guess right and get a point. First to three points wins a drink on us!

JOHN LOUGHLIN has been itching to get back behind the paint easel, so he bacongets his birthday wish early (or late, not gonna lie, don’t know when your day is friend) and you get the chance to win some rad art! Bring dollars! I’m not saying EMILEE MORREALE is definitely making a bacon cake for Nick’s birthday snack time, I’m just saying that’s something that happens more often than not. MATT, ALEX & ANDREW are gearing for a great night of rocking the jams behind your words, as we prepare to call on a Gerunder to host the second half, so Nick can save his breath after passing out from blowing his candles out! YOSH & MIKEY & DORIAN are all preparing their respective variations on their “sorry Nick, you’re cut off” appeals to better judgement. Only 5 more shopping days till Nick’s birthday! Nick accepts Pall Mall Reds, Camel filters, youtube links to clips about wrestling and as always, the shiniest of nickels.

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