Monday March 14! WIL GIBSON on tour! Plus IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP!

POETRY FEATURE: WIL GIBSON was born from a good idea and a wilgibson bottle of bourbon. He was raised in some of the poorest communities northern Illinois and eastern Arkansas have to offer. He now lives in Portland (the one in maine) and likes it a lot there (you probably would too). He writes too many love poems and not nearly enough of his novel. A proud (mistake prone) father of four who tries real hard and is still growing up. He has performed with Regie Gibson (no relation), Andrea Gibson (no relation), Charlie Neville, Kurtis Blow, Brother Ali, mybrightestdiamond, Buddy Wakefield, Patricia Smith, and Anis Mojani (among others) in dive bars, high schools, colleges, wil1poetry slams, libraries, living rooms, restaurants, prisons, coffee houses, and churches all across the country. This three time (2008-2010) Portland, Maine/Port Veritas Grand Slam Champion & 2010 New Hampshire/Slam Free or Die Grand Slam Champion represented Portland, Maine five times (2008-2012) at the National Poetry Slam, including the 2011 team that made semifinals. He has toured as part of Uncomfortable Laughter (w/ Beau Williams, Kait Rokowski, and Ryan McLellan) and is a founding member of the Port Veritas artist collective. He likes people and dogs a lot. He would like to pet your dog, talk to you a few minutes, and possibly give you a hug if that’s ok.

BONUS RUCKUS:  The To Be Announced Challenge –

Brand new guest visual artist this week, IVY MOREAU (art pictured) lives ivyin the heart of Worcester, originally from a small town in New Hampshire. Coming from a family of many different artists, she has been drawing before she could walk. In school, she won multiple art contests and through that, found acrylic paint is her favorite medium. THE BOYS IN THE BAND were all on point this past Monday! More sweet jams to come! Now that Em’s had a break (thanks for the rad cheesecakes Beth!) let’s see what our snack time queen has in store for us! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN always got our backs! We’re a few weeks of steady warm nights away from bringing back the outdoor show! So much to be thankful for and it’s not even close to that holiday! We got our eye on you!

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