Monday March 7th! ALAIN GINSBURG from Baltimore! PLUS IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS! also Rice Cake Alert!

POETRY FEATURE: ALAIN GINSBURG is an agender performance ginsburgpoet from Baltimore City, MD. They’ve competed in the Individual World Poetry Slam, Capturing Fire, Word War, Louder Than A Bomb, and the inaugural Rouge Roulette regional slam, as well as features at Steel City Slam, Rain City Slam, Wesleyan University, and Rowan University. Their work has appeared in Great Weather for Media, Persephone’s Daughters, and Transcendence, as well as having been interviewed by FVCK THE MEDIA. Alain’s work focuses on the intersections of gender identity, sexuality, mental illness, and various abuse narratives they’ve experienced, and it can be found at as well as

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS “MAPLE vs. rainyNICHOLAS” – It’s time! A little earlier in the month than normal, but we’re super excited to host the next challenge, as champion RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY (pictured) defends her title vs. talented FBW denizen, writer & actress VIVIAN NICHOLS. These two competitors are gonna peep the special secret ingredient from YOSH SHARTIN at the start of the show and produce 3 verbal concoctions for three discerning judges! Winner get’s the trophy & hella bragging rights!

RICE CAKE ALERT, I REPEAT RICE CAKE ALERT! That’s three excellent snacks in a row from our snack time queen EMILEE MORREALE, someone has to hit her up on facebook by this Sunday 8pm in order to volunteer a snack this week, OR ELSE it’s awful rice cakes. (her brilliant deconstructed BLT snack from last week pictured here! drool) I snackhate to do it, but this is a community dag-nab-it! Guest visual artist DEANNA DEGON is returning for a second time, get them auction dollars ready! Super thanks to our buddy KEVIN for jumping in on percussion this week! Let’s see who’s joining MATT & ANDREW in the band this week! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN yearn for them warmer spring days! It’s coming folks, it’s got too! Stay tuned for outdoor show announcements as soon as we can comfortably wear sweatshirts outside at night! Can’t wait for poems for your face? Check out SEVEN HILLS SLAM this SUNDAY at Sahara Restaurant w/ special guest NORA MEINERS! She’s amazing and this is your LAST CHANCE to qualify for this year’s team!

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