Monday Feb 29th! Celebrate LEAP DAY w/ ASHLEY DAVIS from Boston’s House Slam! PLUS! The “line’s leaping off the page” Challenge!

Dirty Gerunders, due to unforseen circumstances, our feature for this week needed to cancel. We will re-schedule her some time in the (hopefully) near future, but you know we got you! Stepping in super hero style to help us rock LEAP year….

POETRY FEATURE: ASHLEY DAVIS is a California native, New York ashleyeducated, Boston based black, bi-racial, queer, woman, poet, educator who writes about the intersectionality of those identities, the history of trauma within those communities, and the importance/necessity of healing within those communities. She speaks with raw and honest passion every time she steps to the mic. Her work is always personal and performed with the intention to connect to those around her in order to build community and heal with those around her.  Ashley will be representing The House Slam at WOWPS 2016, this will be her first national stage and she is very eager to share her voice on such a platform. When she shares her poetry she stands by the statement: “This is as much for you as it is for me….”


leapyearBONUS RUCKUS: “THIS LINE’S LEAPING RIGHT OFF THE PAGE” PERFORMANCE CHALLENGE. To celebrate LEAP year, February 29th, we thought it might be fun to re-visit a classic work of poetry and re-mix it according to the following rules. Competitors will take a roll of the dice at the beginning of the show. Whaetever you role, a 1 through 6; that’s the number of lines you’ll have to skip until you can read another line from the piece. Who can keep it together best and deliver something sounding like a poem will win a frosty prize on us!

Old pal JOSEF MOGUL will be back on visual arts this week! EMILEE eireanMORREALE would like to gently remind you that you’re all one week away from an OFFICIAL RICE CAKE ALERT. We’re gonna need someone at the show Monday to donate a snack for our first March show or else…. Congrats to EIREAN BRADLEY who won the right to rep the DG at Worcester Public Library’s MEGA-SLAM on April 26th, now in it’s 3rd year, this VICTOR INFANTE hosted event features a rep from every possible poetry org doing work in the area! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS got so excited that he doesn’t have to do it this year, he made a meme! We had a monstrously successful show last week and are hoping to ride that momentum like a pegasus all the way to spring and the return of DG outside! House band is always ready to rock! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN think you look good in that jacket! Huh, they never agree on anything… I think we can all agree that JEFF CANON is the man! Well if you want a full set of his poetry, head over to WYCKED JAVA this Friday and support!

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