Monday Feb 22nd: DG welcomes NYC’s TIMOTHY DuWHITE! Visual Arts by SHARINNA TRAVIESO! Plus Special Slam-Off for DG rep to WPL’s MEGASLAM ’16!

POETRY FEATURE: Through mistakes, short-comings, and failures timTIMOTHY DuWHITE has been able to fashion himself a body of work that speaks directly to the value of transparency as well as self-accountability. Timothy has dedicated his journey of both artist-hood as well as person-hood to the preservation of stories, all of our stories, and all of the purpose they bare. As a Spoken Word artist Timothy enlists his audience members in narratives spanning from: the pain of love, the insurmountable teeth of joy, the importance of forgiveness, the realities of living with a disease, the struggles of a man of color, the struggles of a queer man, the interconnections of the human experience, and every bit of beauty that can be found in the small and seemingly insignificant. Timothy’s work has been featured at venues such as the United Nations/UNICEF, Apollo Theater, San Diego State University, Nuyorican Poet’s cafe, La Mama Theatre and many more. Timothy believes that by sharing our individual experiences and maintaining a dialogue of honesty amongst ourselves we can better navigate this behemoth we call life.

sharinnaSPECIAL GUEST VISUAL ARTIST: This week’s artist SHARINNA TRAVIESO was recently featured in Pulse Magazine’s “16 to watch in 2016” issue. Her work takes influences from modern day artists such as Sue Tsai and masters from the past like Pablo Picasso. She uses a combination of acrylic paint, watercolors and pencils to portray everything from characterized women to floating jellyfish in dream-like settings. Travieso’s work has been on exhibit at art galleries across New York City and is now coming back to her hometown of Worcester in 2016 at Nine Dot Gallery. In addition to this, Travieso plans to paint a mural at location to be determined in downtown Worcester.

BONUS RUCKUS: Special One-Time DG Poetry Slam to select a slamrepresentative for annual “MegaSlam”! Our good friend Victor Infante hosts this annual event at Worcester Public Library, inviting every possible literary and performance entity in Central Mass to come and duke it out for venue supremacy. Dirty Gerund participates every year, but we thought instead of sending a hand-picked rep, we should open it up, competition style and see where the chips fall. We’ll take 5 competitors, one minute poem round with all, then a 3 minute round for top three scorers. Winner gets to represent us and receive a drink on us (maybe a special prize) to give you the courage and the wherewithall to get yourself down to the library and scare the squares!

THIS SHOW IS GOING TO BE JAMMED! Get there by 8pm to assure yourself a spot. Not joking, there’s already 50 saying they’re going on the separate event invite put up by our visual artist! THE BAND continues to slay! EMILEE MORREALE is upping her snack game! YOSH & MIKEY & DORIAN are not amused with the huge weather fluctuations. Let’s hope for decent weather from here on out! Over and out!!!!


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