Monday, Feb 8th, PAULIE LIPMAN on tour from DENVER! Plus! New game for ya, this election season!

POETRY FEATURE: PAULIE LIPMAN slid screaming into this reality paulie on September 24th, 1975 and hasn’t shut up since. After an, let’s say, auspicious academic career, his resume has included positions such as: Bartender, Bouncer, Traveling Ren Faire Employee, Contributor and Touring Member of industrial group Velvet Acid Christ, Clerk at 9 different records stores, (photo by Rich Beaubien) and Poet Laureate for a now defunct gaming company. After discovering Poetry Slam and all that entailed, he has: Been a part of 9 Denver Mercury Slam Teams (including ’04 and ’06 finalists) Been published in Borderline, Radius, Legendary, Super Sunday Times, Sparrow Ghost Collective Anthology Vol 2,  and the Write Bloody anthology, The Good Things About America, Released several EP albums and 2 full length albums of poetry w/music, Toured the U.S. and Canada extensively performing poetry. He is available for all types of performances, from workshops to college shows. He is a Libra, enjoys windy walks and can’t wait to meet you.

townhallBONUS RUCKUS: THE GREAT POETIC TOWNHALL DEBATE: It’s election season. Tuesday, our neighbors to the north will have wayyyyy more say in who our next president is gonna be than we will. Let’s send them some poetic karmic energy their way, but letting the great poets comment on the issues of the day. We’ll take 4-5 competitors who can think quick on their feet. We’ll give you all 5-6 classic lines of poetry, then the debate begins. We’ll introduce a subject question, your job? Deliver one of the poetic lines as commentary! Best poetic debater wins!


First time guest visual artist JOHN LOUGHLIN is gonna wow us with loughlinsomething incredible we’re sure! Thanks to all who came through last week and helped where help was needed! Miss DG CATHE ARNELL hosting 2nd half, yummy trats from KYLE HARGROVE! Band men THORSEN, ROBINSON & CARRAO (sounds like a law firm representing stoners) showing up early to set up! and of course NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS for holding the entire thing down! Can’t wait to hear some stories. YOSH & MIKEY can’t wait to collect all them super bowl winnings!

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