Monday, Jan 25th! RUDY RUDACIOUS Returns! Plus “Shatner-Ize” Celebrity Impression Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: RUDY RUDACIOUS Born & raised in Providence,rudy Rhode Island, Rudy is a poet, actor, host, barber, author and radio personality who is horrible at writing bios. Referring to himself as a “Spoken Word MC” Rudy Rudacious is known to travel solo and get lost EVERYWHERE! Rudy has performed on many stages and has hugged a lot of people. He keeps his bio short because he believes his past accomplishments mean nothing. “It’s all about the current moment, my resume is not going to perform for me. Regardless of what I’ve done I still have to do, so let’s just do it!” NOTE: Rudy Rudacious is fine with photography BUT prohibits any video recording (besides instagram videos) that hasn’t been agreed to ahead of time. Respect his brand and subscribe to his youtube channel! DG note: Rudy’s repped slam teams and is on a performing tear right now! He’s featured for us before, so you know he’s destroyed our stage!

BONUS RUCKUS: The Return of the “Shatner-ize My Cummings” rocketthis is always fun! We’ll bring classic poems from E.E. CUMMINGS. Your job? Bring your best celebrity impersonation and deliver a classic piece like Shatner delivers it every time he rocks Rocket Man! Special prize for the gerunder who makes the best impression on us! Like we’re closing our eyes and going “damn Keanu is in the house! or wait is that Drake?” Either way, damn, that sounds different!” Special prize for the winner!

DEANNA MARIE DEGON will be handling, or more to the point, moredeanna than handling our visial arts this Monday! We think we’re in a pre-RICE CAKE alert for snack time! If nobody steps up and says they’re gonna snack us on Feb 1st, well Feb 1st will bring rice cakes. Talk to Emilee this Monday! Matt, Alex & Andrew from the band don’t give a bleep about the snow, they’re planning on bringing the post-pats-in-the-superbowl celebratory jams this Monday! YOSH & MIKEY think your wool coat, scarf and hat are working! Folks from Northampton are mezmerized by the rumors of how awesome our show is, think of how their minds will bend when they visit soon! Soon they say! Cool, I say!

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