POETRY FEATURE: AMANDA TORRES is a loud laughing Mexican­American writer, singer, teacher, and organizer who loves avocados. torresOriginally from Chicago, Amanda has been teaching and performing spoken word for over 12 years in schools, juvenile detention centers, libraries, community centers and museums. She is a graduating alumni of Young Chicago Authors and co­founder of L@s Eloter@s, a socially engaged Latino/a writing teachers collective. Most recently, she served as the poetry artist in residence at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Boston. Upon arriving in Boston, Amanda co­founded the Massachusetts Literary Education and Performance Collective (MassLEAP) and Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts, the largest youth poetry slam festival in the state where she currently serves as Artistic Director.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS: “MAPLE vs. FRAZIER” WHUUUUTTTT?????!!!! This, as the kids (most of the kids at least) I think, say, is gonnna be LIT! Current champ RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY faces perhaps her toughest test as 2015 Seven Hills Slam rainyTeam Member RUSHELLE FRAZIER gets her shot at the title! Both of these ladies are fire and we expect a match-up for the ages! Three poetic concoctions, 3 judges scoring on 3 criteria, one manic host and one diabolical secret ingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Do the math! This is gonna be crazy! Can our champ continue her reign into a new year? Come down Monday & find out!

Speaking of Rainy, her band VIVA GINA is playing Ralph’s upstairs tomorrow! Word has it Factory of Terror artist LOS CRETIN is gonna jump on some visual arts this week! YOSH & MIKEY are busy handi-cappin this weekend’s football action but will be ready to serve you Monday! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is expected to return from his yearly sick day allowance (wow, you burned that one EARLY dude)! Open Mic’s have been superb lately! House Band RUCKUS killing notes! Help us continue the winter of our contentment! Take that classic literature!

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