Monday, April 11th! NPS CHAMP from Boston, JONATHAN MENDOZA! Plus! The “All-Business” Writing Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: JONATHAN MENDOZA is a Boston-based mendozaactivist, spoken word artist, educator and musician. He is a Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts alumni and is currently a member of slam teams representing Berklee College of Music and The House Slam of the Haley House Bakery and Café in Roxbury. Jonathan was a ‘Best of the Rest’ finals stage showcase at the 2015 College Union Poetry Slam International and, as of this past August, is a National Poetry Slam Champion, making him a member of the first national team to ever officially represent Boston and thus the first Boston team to ever win the tournament. Jonathan is currently pursuing a self-designed bachelor’s degree, Arts for Social Advocacy, at Berklee College of Music, with the mission of fusing arts and education with social and political activism to support equitable change in marginalized communities. Please talk to him about social justice, art, Kendrick Lamar and yogurt, as those are all things he is very much into.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “WE’RE ABOUT BUSINESS (cards)” cardWRITING CHALLENGE. A different sort of “prompt and circumstance” on the spot writing challenge game. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS makes the rounds around this city of ours and engages new and interesting acquaintances during these journeys. Many of them pursue curious careers and we have the cards to prove it. Choose one from the stack, write a (very) short poem about the career, or from the perspective of the card holder. The poem has to be short, because, well, you have to write it on the back of the business card. Winner get’s the business, and by that we mean, we’ll purchase you a drink to help with that next job interview you got coming up!

Thanks all who came out last week for a the dancinest party of a show we’ve 7hillshad in a while! Expect new noms from your snack time queen! Visual artist TBA! YOSH & MIKEY keep looking up artist TBA online and not finding any of their work, perplexing. Has anyone seen out Dirty Gerund Banner? It’s gone missing. If you just can’t wait till Monday to catch some awesome words, don’t forget this Sunday, one time only special second show at 7 HILLS SLAM AS THEY SELECT THEIR WOMEN OF THE WORLD POETRY SLAM REPRESENTATIVE. Ladies, want to rep the 5-0-8 in Brooklyn? Get three poems dusted off and prepare to slam! Hurrah!

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