Monday, Jan 4th! C.R. AVERY from Vancouver BC!!! Plus “Resolve this!” Haiklu Guess Challenge!

“DUDE!” That’s what you’re gonna say after this show!

FEATURED ARTIST: C.R. AVERY is an Outlaw Hip-Hop Harmonica Player, cr averyBeatbox Poet, Punk Piano Player, String Quartet Raconteur, Rock & Roll Matador & Playwright from Vancouver British Columbia. Whether performing to thousands at the Royal Albert Hall or the lucky few who made it inside the packed past capacity speakeasy, C.R. Avery is a unique, raw and dynamic performer. His genius lies in many genres – blues, hip-hop, spoken word and rock & roll. He is a one-man band, but one for this generation; with the rare ability to sing poetic verse while beatboxing simultaneously while pounding the piano and adding harmonica like a plot twist. A multi-talented front man for his Legal Tender String Quartet; a crazed lead singer/harp player for his rock & roll band The Special Interest Group; a lyrical dynamo & the musical backbone of the spoken word trio Tons of Fun University. From musical beginnings in his late teens, C.R. Avery has recorded over fifteen albums as well as writingcravery & directing six hip-hop operas, which were mounted and performed from New York’s Bowery to L.A.’s South Central.  He has toured throughout Canada (including almost every major folk festival) the USA and Europe (headlining or opening for Billy Bragg, Buck 65, and Sage Francis) and garnered the attention of music peers the likes of Tom Waits (“…he’s blowin’ my mind”); blues harp trail blazer Charlie Musselwhite (“…no one plays harmonica like him… no one…”); and folk legend Utah Phillips (“…raw talent”). His incredible live performances have been described as Bob Dylan in the body of Iggy Pop; colliding with Little Walter, the Beastie Boys and Allen Ginsberg.  Every show is all or nothing and his fearless approach to all genres of music both on stage and in the studio proves the longevity of this talented, astonishing creator has so much more to come. honestly, you find out!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “RESOLVE THIS!” Haiklu Guess Challengereolve 2015 am I right? Bad decisions? Mis-steps? Wanna make it right? We get it. We got you. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & ALEX CHARALAMBIDES know a few things about taking a less than travelled turn or two around this watery sphere. We’ll take some hard learned wisdom nuggets, turn them into catchy hai-kues and deliver them to you in our most earnest, “this time I’m changing for me….” bravado. Your job? Buzz in, tell us what resolution we’ve resolved to solve. First to three get’s a frosty pint of bad decision on us! Please don’t pour it on us!

Congrats to our first ever RUCKUSY award winners! Special shout out to anasolJEFF CANNON on his life time achievement award, and MALT SCHLITZMAN for his “Rucketeer of the Year” honor! (I’m sure we got those trophies, uhm, somewhere) You know what’s a great decision, starting off the new year by volunteering Snack Time! That’s what current Miss Dirty Gerund CATHE ARNELL is doing this Monday! Guest visual artist ANA SOL PEREZ, one of our very favorites is coming back for the oil paint win! Bring them auction dollars. YOSH & MIKEY think this winter is progressing along quite nicely. Hopefully we’ll thaw out a bit for the Monday Night Commute! Also, don’t forget, first open slam of the year this Sunday at 7 HILLS with special guests DUENDE PROJECT (original line up), featuring great DG friend TONY BROWN. Don’t mess up!

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