Monday! Dec 28th! Last Gerund of 2015 w/ Comedian DARIK SANTOS! Plus 2015 Awards Ceremony!

Last Dirty Gerund of the year! We’re changing a few things up for the evening, so hear us out, then come down Monday and see, hear and cheer us out of 2015!

GUEST COMEDY FEATURE: DARIK SANTOS was born in Providence,darik Rhode Island and has been performing his own brand of stand-up “comedy” for a little over three years. One-liners and an awkward personality make up this enigma wrapped in a conundrum. Darik has performed all over the east coast including Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut and New Hampshire. Darik also performed on the street for two months in Antwerp, Belgium (saving up for ice cream money). He’s never won any contests or awards and probably never will, but his jokes are hugs for your ears and that is a magical award within itself! Darik made it to quarterfinals of NBC’s “Americas Got Talent” and made Howard Stern laugh a bunch. What? Full half hour set from this new friend of the show!

BONUS RUCKUS: THE RUCKUSIES! The 2015 Dirty Gerund awardsAwards! “and the Ruckusy goes to…..” We got our hands on some crazy ass trophies at a yard sale, we took those plates off, took the sharpies out and thought long and hard (for about 17 minutes) about the magic that everyone’s brought to our stage this year! Who will be named “smoothest poem deliverer”? “most improved attitude”? who will get their hands on “best dressed stanza maker”? and “poet who should definitely, maybe sorta should think about quitting their day job”? We’re bringing hella awards, and we’re gonna bestow all sorts of crazy honor on you, because everyone should walk down that red carpet at least once. Who are you gonna wear Monday night?

AARON WHITE is rocking the paints last Monday of the year! YOSH & MIKEY will be displaying their hottest holiday gift gear. We’ll have at least a combined $7 on our dunks gift cards left by Monday, so you know we’ll be caffeinated and ready to flow! If you only go to one more show this year…. haha, you know? Get ready for those awkward, non-committal “so uhm, what are you doing for New Year’s Eve” conversations! Snacks!





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