Monday Dec 21st! Celebrate Alex’s B-Day Bash w/ Special Guests Deadstick & Hambone! Plus Carol Erasure Challenge!

For the seventh consecutive year, the only thing DIRTY GERUND co-curator ALEX CHARALAMBIDES really wants for his birthday is to see you all visit the show, so that he may feed upon your excellent art and energy and fun! No presents please, your presence is all the gift this blogger needs. Eh, maybe a few extra bucket bucks so we can give the band that holiday bonus they’ve been asking Santa for.

SPECIAL GUEST MUSICAL FEATURE: DEADSTICK & HAMBONE deadstickformer front men extraordinaire for local Holden born & bred hero alt-folk-gypsy-rock-bluegrass outfit SOUND IN STONE are gonna bring the twangy good-tymey jams as former Gerund Band Leader MARK LEIGHTON reunited with CHRIS McNAMARA take our stage for two sets to get us jumpin, singing, snappin & hopefully dancin’! check out some of their original compositions at and bring some comfortable shoes! The boys (pictured here) have even let NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS take the stage with them. Jeez. You’d think it was HIS birthday!

BONUS RUCKUS: HOLIDAY CAROL ERASURE CHALLENGE! we’ll erasuresearch and print and bring classic sing songy classics for the holiday season. Your job, erase, remix, cut & paste, edit whatever to make these poetic lyrics your very own! Random draw. We’ll take 5 competitors. Participant who best delivers wins all the Egg Nog, and by Egg Nog, we mean beer, like, we’ll buy you a beer.

SUPER SPECIAL GUEST ARTIST & SNACKS TBD! Make sure you check out SEVEN HILLS SLAM, last show of the year this Sunday as Team Worcester faces off against Team Providence to see who owns the BlackStone Valley! This has probably been our best year evah! Let’s end it santawith an absolute blast! We love and appreciate each and every one of you! We know the holidays aren’t always the best time of year, but we got you, we may very well even get a visit from SANTA! Actually, check it, we will get a visit from SANTA! Be nice! (Editors note: BILLY BOB THORNTON is not actually SANTA, or at least the version of SANTA that will be visiting this Monday!

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