Monday! Dec 14th, JHA D from Boston! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER, “Frazier vs. Bradley”!

POETRY FEATURE: JHA D is the founder of the “if you can Feel It, you Jha Dcan Speak It” Open Mic Movement, which is one of the only monthly open mics in Boston dedicated to the voices of the LGBTQIA communities of color. Additionally, she is the dreamer of EN-ER-GY, an annual fundraising​ showcase of eclectic Boston-based talent. She has been writing and performing for over ten years. Her poetry has afforded her the opportunities to participate in documentaries as well as be featured at and/or MC various events across the City, The True Colors Conference and the Philadelphia Dyke March. SJha D_2he has performed and conducted writing workshopsat the University of Pennsylvania, Bucknell University, Northeastern University, Boston College & Umass Boston. Her pieces are birthed from her experiences, and she therefore writes about self-love, identity evolution, sexuality and growth through emotions. She firmly believes in the power of expression and professes that “there is authentic art in spreading your own truths”.

rushBONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER: “FRAZIER vs. BRADLEY” – current champ RAINY MAPLE is gonna have her hands full in January, because whoever gets past this round is gonna be dangerous! There’s over 30 plus years of performance poetry /slammin’ experience taking the stage this Mondeireanay, as 2015 7 Hills Slam Team Member RUSHELLE FRAZIER plays our game against multiple NPS finals stage performer EIREAN BRADLEY in a battle that’s sure to set your ears on fire! Three rounds, 3 judges, 3 categories for points, one diabolical ingredient from our heralded chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Last Iron Poet Battle of the year! Let’s see who get’s cooked!

Thanks to all who came last week! Super packed open mic, please arrive by alex8pm to ensure yourself a spot! We’ll see what’s in store for visual arts and snack arts this Monday! As always, if you want to volunteer in either capacity let us know! YOSH & MIKEY know their way around a grille and tap, but ask that you ask for your chili stirred, not shaken (don’t make the same mistake I did). This Monday marks one official shopping week until ALEX‘s birthday show (even though he cares not for material things, he mostly wants presence, not presents)! What surprises are lined up for this night? Stay tuned. Or drop out. Whatever. Worcester’s the new Brooklyn, act like you don’t care.

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