Monday Nov 30th! EMILY EASTMAN from Manchester NH! Plus! “What are Metaphors For?” Guess Challenge!

I’m thankful for all of you and this community! Let’s keep rocking this winter!

POETRY FEATURE: EMILY EASTMAN is a poet and organizer who eastmanhails from Manchester; New Hampshire’s loudest middle child. A longtime community and staff member of the Slam Free or Die poetry series, she has helped to facilitate countless events and workshops on both a local and national level. She has hosted, bout managed, and performed her way across the country, from classrooms to concert halls, and several barrooms in between. She has competed in all three North Beast Underground Team Slams, as well as the Individual World Poetry Slam and the Women of the World Poetry Slam. She has been a finalist in the Slam Free or Die poetry series team selection for years, and represented SFOD at the 2015 National
Poetry Slam. Interests include strong coffee and dismantling the heteropatriarchy. Her greatest review to date came as a text from her 10-year-old sister: “Adequate.” A record store clerk by day, she harnesses her retail angst for good in the hopes that she can further cultural progress and unity through art.

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “Just WHAT ARE metaphorMETAPHORS FOR? Guess Challenge. No lie, this is one of our favorites. We’re so busy booking awesome poets, and getting things ready for the show, that sometimes we forget to continue our own craft. So we’re forcing ourselves to create some original metaphors. At the show, we’ll share our creative offerings and then offer a few options on what you think it is we mean. Buzz in, guess correct and win a point. First to three points get an ice cold prize on us!

After two wonderful snacks volunteered by DAMIEN & JEFF the past two weeks (thanks!), we’re expecting post holiday leftover greatness from Miss EMILEE MORREALE. We should be back to our visual artist having ways this Monday! Packed open mics lately. Super good times! Deep gratitude for all those who donated extra this past week, so we can make a great contribution to a local animal shelter in honor of MIKE FINCH! YOSH & MIKEY are looking to work off all that turkey, so make them work for it this Monday! Go Pats! I mean go house band!

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